Announcing the Youth Leadership PAC

A new political action committee, the Youth Leadership PAC, aims to help Republican candidates across Minnesota make gains with 18-29 year-old voters.

“Too often Republican campaigns assume young people will automatically vote Democrat,” said Daniel Surman, Chair of the Youth Leadership PAC. “That simply is not true. If we start having the conversations with young voters, Republican candidates will win their votes.”

“If we do not bother to engage with young people, then we should not be shocked when they vote for Democrats,” Surman added.

Surman, a rising senior at Macalester College, previously served as the campaign manager for Andrew Ojeda, a state House candidate in Saint Paul in 2012. Ojeda’s campaign targeted college students at both Macalester College and the University of Saint Thomas, over-performing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney by 5% in both precincts.

The Youth Leadership PAC is organized under a Board of Directors. Members of the Board include Adam Motzko, Chair of the Minnesota Young Americans for Liberty; Tim Bertram, former Youth Director for Kurt Bills for US Senate; Kate Engstrom, Chair of the Clay County BPOU; and Sam Larson, BPOU Chair in house district 38A (Lino Lakes). A full list of the Board of Directors may be found on the Youth Leadership PAC’s website.

The Youth Leadership PAC will hold a formal kickoff event on July 27th at O’Gara’s from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. The event will be open to the public, and attendees may pre-register at a discounted rate.


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